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The Vertebral Column

demonstration1The truth about body aches and their causes could surprise anyone. Few people have heard about the relation of diseases and their aches with the vertebral column.  The vertebral column is that centre which connects various human organs into the entirety, therefore from ancient times it is called as the Tree of Life.
The vertebral column is similar to a telephone exchange. With a help of a multitude of nerves, the vertebral column gathers information from various organs that transmit it to the brain and vice versa, therefore any spinal deformities hinder to this two-way communication.  Irregular functions of organs reduce possibilities of metabolic and immunologic functions.

Japanese International Institute of Preventive Medicine states that only one or two people out of two thousands (1-2/2000) do not have any spinal deformities.

Spinal deformities could be divided into three main groups: scoliosis, kyphosis and lordosis. Vertebral   ColumnThe most dangerous is scoliosis (shaped like the letter S), therefore before its treatment, an adequate and precise diagnosis is necessary.
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