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Patient's Feedback

I lived a normal life, did physical works and regularly attended a gym.  In 2000 I felt waist pain. A herniated disc was suspected and I decided to do an operation. Unfortunately, after the operation, I felt worse than before it. In three months my health condition quickly worsened. I was proposed a second operation and I agreed to do it. After it, I felt a little bit better but I suffered severe repeated pain attacks.  The pain was severe; I hardly could go up stairs.  I lost my weight and got anemia.

In June 2002 I visited the vertebral column centre in Cochabamba city.  I was looking for healing. I sent my medical records to Cuba and got a proposal to replace the hip joint. I was shocked because I could not understand why in order to be free from waist pain I should do an operation and allow to put an implant?  Just to feel a little bit better but not be totally healed.

Once on TV I saw a broadcast in which participated a physician Juan Carlos Diamond R. He spoke about problems of the vertebral column. I visited him the same afternoon but did not expect much from him. I was just interested in his opinion. The physician suggested starting the treatment immediately. I should admit that already after the first session my pain reduced, muscles relaxed and became stronger.  Now, after four months of treatment, I feel much better and I can go upstairs without any problems. I do not need analgesic injections and I gradually reduced use of other medicines. The pain did not imprison me in bed. I am really grateful to the physician, who healed me. To everyone who did not want to have surgical traumas I recommend to apply to him because this method is natural and more than effective.

La Paz, Bolivia, 4 October 2002.
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