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Causes and Outcomes Of Scoliosis.
One of the biggest problems from which suffer many people is scoliosis. Japanese International Institute of Preventive Medicine diligently examines causes of scoliosis. Studies show that 90% of scoliosis cases are childbirth trauma which means that a child can inherit spinal deformities from its mother mechanically – through birth.  In order to avoid this expectant mother should eliminate these disorders before the childbirth.  Mother’s pelvic bones are rotated, therefore most likely she suffered back pain during her pregnancy.  Our  Our goal is that women to be in the habit to check their vertebral column before pregnancy.  In case of problems a woman can continue treatment up to the childbirth. This method is safe and cannot make any harm to pregnancy. Only in such a way we can achieve that future generations would not suffer from spinal deformities.


Another birth trauma that causes scoliosis very depends on people who help a child to come to this world. In order to facilitate the childbirth they are used to pull and turn the child. Namely this turning causes the most difficult cases of scoliosis.

Scoliosis shows that there is rotation of vertebrae. In case of such a rotation, the vertebra angle presses the disc and causes disc splits and in case of failure to treat it results in the herniated disc.

My work experience shows that many diagnosed herniated disc cases should not necessarily be treated by operation. An operation does not release from pain many of operated patients. Physicians do not examine causes of the herniated disc, they simply operate it. Usually one operation is not sufficient – it follows by the second and third operation because vertebrae are not returned to their original location. In order to substantiate these statements I should say that the herniated disc most often is an outcome of spinal deformities (scoliosis). Of course, there are also other causes of the herniated disc such as accidents and fallings but such cases are the minority.
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