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Other Disorders

Gastric ulcer.

In 1999 one mother brought to me a 19-year old daughter. She was diagnosed with 2-degree scoliosis. After 7 sessions they told that the girl has been suffering from gastric ulcer for several years. They were surprised that pain is continually decreasing.   We healed scoliosis after more than 20 sessions.  Those sessions were enough to heal gastric ulcer as well.


I treated one patient from back pain. He told me that he has been suffering from insomnia for many years and in order to get asleep he has to take sleeping pills.  I proposed to continue treatment and gradually reduce the dose of sleeping pills. After 20 sessions, the patient got asleep and slept heavily without any medicines.

Consequences of spinal column correction straps.

A patient worn a posture correction device for two years in order to reduce a small scoliosis - even slept with it. Results were terrible – when the correction device was taken off, scoliosis progressed immediately.  Weakened muscles (muscle hypotonia) were not able to support the vertebral column that is why this man applied to me. Treatment was long but it helped to strengthen muscles and to heal scoliosis.
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