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Benefits Of Oriental Medicine

Human Body Is An Inseparable Unit.

According to Oriental medicine the human body is an inseparable “unit” whose centre is the vertebral column. All organs are interlinked through the vertebral column. All elements (air, water, earth, wood and fire) from which our body consist should be in balance that depends on the right position of our vertebral column. Meanwhile traditional medicine divided the body according to organs: cardiology – heart diseases, pulmonology – lung diseases, etc. For this reason people think that disorders of functions of one organ do not affect other organs. A popular concept is that causes of diseases of various organs are an old body.   That’s not true.
It is thought that headache, menstrual pain and back pain cannot be related. In order to avoid surgical intervention and its results all three symptoms should be treated by this manual therapy.


Origin Of Manual Therapy.

Manual therapy originated together with the mankind. Even ancient civilizations used manual treatment. If a person had a smaller or a bigger trauma, someone rubbed him a painful place in order to reduce the pain.  Massages were made already in ancient Turkey, in Turkish bathes. There were witchdoctors, who were able to reset dislocated joints (tarsus, shoulder, etc.) or to make some manipulations of the vertebral column.
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