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Case Studies

Case 1

In 1996 a woman complaining with back and waist pains applied to me. She had uterine myomas that caused 6-month bleeding (sometimes heavy) and she was diagnosed with anaemia. After performance of diagnostics, it became clear that she has pelvic and spinal deformities.   After the first session of treatment, pelvic bones have been almost reconstructed and pain disappeared. In several days she called to say thank you and rejoiced that bleeding stopped.

Case 2

In 2000 a woman came to me who suffered from radiculitis. She was diagnosed with scoliosis. The woman told me that she has ovarian cysts and she waits her surgery. Since she had severe back pain first of all she decided to heal her vertebral column and afterwards go to hospital. I treated her for over half a year. When the woman went to hospital and had pre-surgical tests, to everybody’s astonishment the cysts were gone.  We all were surprised - the patient, the surgeon, who had to operate her, and me.

Case 3

Once a husband accompanied his wife who complained of severe back pain. Also, they told that after the first childbirth wife’s periods disappeared and she has not been having them for six years.  Various treatment methods were applied but they did not help.  Her periods did not return and she could not conceive. She was diagnosed with scoliosis and it could be clearly seen that her buttock muscles were tensed. After three weeks of treatment, pain in the lower part of the abdomen appeared. After two more weeks of treatment back pain disappeared and her periods returned to everyone’s joy.

Case 4

In 2004 a twenty-one year patient came to me.  She suffered from back pain, menstrual pain and migraine. She often was hospitalized during her periods and stayed there until their end.   Headache reduced just beginning the treatment. After a month of treatment back pain also lessened and in six month her periods became normal and their pain disappeared.
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